About Dr. Sikora

The Wholeness Institute is a private counseling practice in Scottsdale, AZ. Take a look at my practice name and logo.  Have you seen that shape before?  It is based on a Celtic triple spiral, a symbol that has had many interpretations.  The meaning that most resonates with me explains that the spiral represents ‘a tale of forward motion to reach understanding’.  How appropriate as a symbol of counseling and mental health, don’t you think?  Take too, the name of my practice, The Wholeness Institute.  In that name, I meant to convey the hope I have for you as my client. That you will move forward to new understanding, balancing of the three elements of body/mind/spirit within you, and gain wholeness through working with me in a trustworthy relationship.

Together my clients and I work through issues like depression, anxiety and relationship issues. Or, have you gone through the diagnosis of Cancer, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or another life changing illness?  After countless hours of study and work with individuals who have had to deal with these diagnoses and more, I have the experience to help you handle whatever has you feeling like you need some help. Hope, peace, and comfort are my aspirations for you. Together we will work through your challenges of today and I will be your advocate in helping you make decisions that will allow you to take your own steps ‘in forward motion to reach understanding’. With your permission, along the way you’ll likely find my loyal canine companion, Punky, with me in sessions. I find he brings a sense of calm and comfort to the room as we work through the hurdles you are facing and find the hope, and wholeness, within you.


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